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Top 44 Security Projects

  1. 16. Security Lighting (03:05)

    Security lighting advice from Your Home, Make It Safe.

  2. 17. Solar-Powered Rock Spotlight (00:00:51)

    No cords. No batteries. Just lovely, natural-looking outdoor lighting.

  3. 18. Securing a Home's Foundation (00:01:00)

    Hire an expert in seismic retrofitting to secure your home's foundation.

  4. 19. Interior Home Safety (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for interior home safety.

  5. 20. Home Automation Part I: How to Install a Wireless RF Lighting System

    Begin by replacing your ordinary light switches with control units.

    $2,500 - $5,000
  6. 21. Safe Windows & Doors (03:51)

    Step-by-step directions for installing security measures for your home.

  7. 22. Easy Home Security Solutions

  8. 23. Kwikset SmartKey System (01:58)

    Homeowners Ryan and Robin install the Kwikset SmartKey system.

  9. 24. Yeti (00:00:57)

    Check out this portable security system with variable sensitivity settings.

  10. 25. How to Secure a Water Heater (00:01:00)

    Secure your water heater to a wall to help prevent damage in an earthquake.

  11. 26. Installing a Wall Safe (08:12)

    Get an inside look at how to install a home wall safe.

  12. 27. Fencing to Protect a Pool (00:01:33)

    Fencing around swimming pools may need to meet special requirements.

  13. 28. Motion Activated Lights (01:00)

    Motion-activated lights can add greatly to the security of any home.

  14. 29. Home Security Tips (03:59)

    Explore alternatives for your home security system.

  15. 30. How to Install an Alarm System

    DIY Network explains how to set a home security system, including motion detectors and magnetic contact detectors.