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Seasonal Interest

Top 6 Seasonal Interest Projects

  1. 1. Plants That Bloom in Fall

    Browse eye-catching flowers that can brighten the fall garden on

  2. 2. Flowers and Shrubs That Bloom in Late Winter and Early Spring

    DIY Network shows you the right plants to brighten a dull landscape between winter and spring.

  3. 3. Planting Bulbs for Summer Bloom

    DIY experts discuss which beauties to plant in spring so they'll brighten a summer garden.

  4. 4. Flavorful Herbs Enhance Summer Dishes

    Take these tips from the DIY Network for using summer herbs for fresh tastes from the grill or the garden.

  5. 5. Plants with Fall Interest: Keep the Color Coming

    The DIY Network experts share their top picks for fall foliage, fruit and flowers.

  6. 6. Plants That Bloom in Summer

    Browse the perennials, shrubs, vines and trees that can add color to any garden or landscape on