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Top 100 Saws Projects

  1. 91. 2- Kerf Cuts (05:43)

    Using the table saw to make kerf cuts for creative projects.

  2. 92. Adjustable Outfeed Table (04:53)

    Build your own out-feed extension table suitable for use with a table saw.

  3. 93. Mag 77 Skilsaw (01:17)

    The Mag 77 Skilsaw goes beyond a 45-degree tilt: 51 degrees, to be precise.

  4. 94. Best Table Saw Guards (04:43)

    Upgrade your workshop safety by installing an table saw guard.

  5. 95. Digital Miter Saw Tips

    DIY Network makes it easy to efficiently make digitally-assisted miter cuts.

  6. 96. 4-in-1 Hacksaw (01:32)

    Hack and jab away: the 4-in-1 Hacksaw is four saws in one.

  7. 97. Innovators (20:00)

    Chris Grundy finds tools that solve problems with a brand new-approach.

  8. 98. Milwaukee Sawzall (00:03:15)

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at the birthplace of the original Sawzall.

  9. 99. How to Cut Curves on Tile

    These step-by-step instructions explain how to cut an opening in tile for a pipe. The process is easy but dangerous and should be attem...

    $50 - $100
  10. 100. How to Make Drawer Sides with One-Pass Milling

    Making multiple sets of drawers for cabinetry is a time-consuming process that requires multiple blade setups. These instructions show ...

    $1 - $50
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