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Top 100 Saws Projects

  1. 91. How to Join Boards With a Circular Saw

    A jointer isn't the only way to join two boards. Here's one way to accomplish the task with a circular saw.

    $1 - $50
  2. 92. Chainsaw Buddy (00:01:08)

    Chainsaw Buddy keeps your saw blade safely off the ground while you cut.

  3. 93. Worx Jawsaw (00:01:42)

    The Worx Jawsaw is a safe, easy way to take out limbs up to 4 inches thick.

  4. 94. SawStop (01:18)

    This portable table saw can tell the difference between a finger and wood.

  5. 95. Alligator Lopper (01:16)

    Clean up trees and brush with this chain saw and loppers combo.

  6. 96. Demolition (20:00)

    Host Chris Grundy shows tools for ripping, cutting, breaking and grinding.

  7. 97. Blade Loc (00:01:16)

    Check out this tool to change a table saw blade safely.

  8. 98. Installing Diagonal Tiles (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for installing diagonal tiles.

  9. 99. Ryobi One Plus Super Combo (00:02:43)

    Check out this combo kit with 5 tools, a charger and two Ni-Cad batteries.

  10. 100. Mitering Molding (03:08)

    Find out the trick to positioning crown and base molding in a miter box.

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