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Top 100 Safety Projects

  1. 91. Tips on Avoiding Kickback

    DIY Network experts offer tips on what causes kickback and how it can be avoided.

  2. 92. Leveling Cabinets Like a Pro (02:00)

    See how easy it is to install cabinets with these professional tips.

  3. 93. Milwaukee Gloves (00:01:04)

    Protect your most important assets as you get the job done.

  4. 94. Thumbsaver (01:19)

    When you grab a hammer, think about grabbing one of these too.

  5. 95. Motion-Activated Lights (02:45)

    Learn how to install motion-sensor lights to the exterior of your home.

  6. 96. The Original Third Hand (01:33)

    With this tool, you don't need to put your hand near the saw blade.

  7. 97. Tips on Using Space Heaters

    Space heaters can be very effective, but they have a bad reputation as fire hazards. DIY experts offer some tips for using portable hea...

  8. 98. Super Junior Stump Cutter (03:13)

    This lightweight stump cutter eats up a 20-inch stump in about 8 minutes.

  9. 99. Soft Baby-Bath Pillow (00:01:09)

    A new mother bathes her baby in flower-petal softness with safety in mind.

  10. 100. Fire Extinguishers (01:28)

    Paul Ryan discusses fire safety tips such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms

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