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Top 100 Safety Projects

  1. 91. Safety Storage (01:06)

    A gun-owner needs safe storage to keep his hunting gear away from his kids.

  2. 92. How to Clean Up After a Grease Fire

    Grease fires can do damage to more than just the kitchen – the whole house will need to be cleaned. Undo the damage with these ti...

  3. 93. Safety Tips

    DIY Network host Paul Ryan shares some safety tips designed to protect your breathing and hearing.

  4. 94. Cabinet Installation Primer (02:15)

    Before you begin installing cabinets, get advice on tools and basic skills.

  5. 95. Tree Removal (02:24)

    Tom Gerlach gives advice on safely removing a tree from your yard.

  6. 96. Remove Wallpaper Overview (03:03)

    Here's a brief overview of how to remove wallpaper.

  7. 97. Removing a Tree (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics for removing a tree.

  8. 98. FiLip Smart Locator for Kids (00:00:48)

    FiLip is a wearable smart locator and phone that monitors kids for safety.

  9. 99. Winter Weather Preparedness

    Get tips from DIY Network on being prepared for winter weather.

  10. 100. Base Cabinets Installation (02:18)

    Learn smart tricks and shortcuts for installing base cabinets.

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