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Top 87 Routers Projects

  1. 46. Router Bit Basics

    DIY experts explain the various types of router bits available. Use this guide to choose the perfect bit for any project.

  2. 47. Plunge Router (01:01)

    Makita's plunge router helps you make precision cuts easily and cleanly.

  3. 48. Hoffmann Dovetail Router (01:32)

    This router is equipped with a high-speed motor and a 45-degree fenceplate.

  4. 49. Best Router Maintenance Tips (06:11)

    Keeping your router in peak condition is easy with this maintenance guide.

  5. 50. Essential Trim Router Basics (06:08)

    Find out why a trim router is an essential tool for your workshop.

  6. 51. How To Cut Mortise-and-Tenon Joints

    Follow these tips for cutting mortise-and-tenon joints using a router.

    Under Half Day
    $100 - $250
  7. 52. How to Use a 3-D Template Guide

    A router template guide can be used to create interesting patterns on raised panels. DIY Network host David Thiel shows how it's done w...

    $1 - $50
  8. 53. Plunge Router

    DIY experts explain the uses of a plunge router.

  9. 54. Bench Dog ProMax RT (01:23)

    The Bench Dog ProMax RT is a full-size cast-iron router table.

  10. 55. Router Up Close (00:03:31)

    See a router in action in this extreme close-up view.

  11. 56. Handy Router Accessories: SweepEZE and Eliminator Chuck

    DIY Network experts reveal a couple of cool tools that can make your work with routers a little easier.

  12. 57. 4- Router Table Fence (03:46)

    Making a simple, yet precise, router table fence.

  13. 58. 3- Basic Router Jig (04:59)

    Making a simple router guide for precision wood working.

  14. 59. Standard Router Basics

    DIY Network covers the basics on how to use a router.

  15. 60. Sconce Backing (02:59)

    Instructions for creating a decorative backing plate for a sconce light