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How To Use a Radius-Cutting Jig

The jig cuts perfect radii with a router using a swinging arm.

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Top 87 Routers Projects

  1. 1. Terrific Plunge Router Tool (05:56)

    Everything you need to know about using a versatile plunge router.

  2. 2. Essential Trim Router Basics (06:08)

    Find out why a trim router is an essential tool for your workshop.

  3. 3. Laminate Overlay (00:02:31)

    Laminate overlay adds a contemporary finish to dated cabinet doors.

  4. 4. Industrial Strength: Specialty Cutting Tools

    DIY host David Thiel learns how a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) router and a bridge saw work together to create beautiful grani...

  5. 5. How to Use a Pneumatic Router for Pattern Routing

    A pin router helps make repetitive pattern cuts easily. The most popular application for pattern routing is sign-making. Learn how to u...

    $1 - $50
  6. 6. Power Pumpkin Carving (00:03:33)

    Amy Matthews demonstrates the process of pumpkin carving with power tools.

  7. 7. Skil X-Bench (01:32)

    This strong, portable worktable changes to accommodate multiple uses.

  8. 8. Hoffmann Dovetail Router (01:32)

    This router is equipped with a high-speed motor and a 45-degree fenceplate.

  9. 9. Trim Routers

    DIY explains why the trim router has become a workshop staple.

  10. 10. Drywall: Materials & Tools (03:39)

    A guide to choosing the right drywall and the tools needed to install it.

  11. 11. Sconce Backing (02:59)

    Instructions for creating a decorative backing plate for a sconce light

  12. 12. Cool Tool: Stacked Router Bit Cutter

    DIY Network experts show a cool tool that makes cutting grooves simple: a router bit version of an adjustable dado stack.

  13. 13. How to Enlarge a Hole

    Have you ever had to throw out expensive stock because the holes that were cut in it turned out to be too small? Host David Thiel demon...

    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  14. 14. Bosch Colt Palm Router (01:51)

    This router may be small, but it is mighty! Check it out.

  15. 15. Tips on Using a Router Table

    DIY experts offer basic tips on how to use a router table.

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