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Top 6 Rockers Projects

  1. 1. Vertex Garden Rocker (00:58)

    This ergonomic tool can help take the pain and strain out of garden work.

  2. 2. Making Faux Wood Grain (02:48)

    Now you can get the look of real wood without spending a fortune.

  3. 3. Shaker Rocking-Chair Kit (00:20:01)

    Follow these four projects to assemble and create a Shaker Rocking Chair.

  4. 4. Rock-n-Rolling Backyard Lounge (00:03:48)

    The Moss brothers create a backyard 'jukebox lounge' for rocker homeowners.

  5. 5. Bleached Designer T-Shirt (06:08)

    Design your own Rocker T-Shirt using a simple bleaching technique.

  6. 6. Watch Restoration Over-Hall (00:01:00)

    Join legendary rocker Daryl Hall for Restoration Over-Hall, Sat. at 10/9c.