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Top 100 Repairing Projects

  1. 91. Cleaning Up Pet Damage (03:46)

    Think your pets are destructive? Try cleaning up after two Bengal tigers.

  2. 92. Simulated Landslide (00:03:58)

    Josh shares important tips for what to do after a landslide hits your home.

  3. 93. How to Repair Hardwood Floors

    Learn how to replace broken boards, fix loose boards and fill in gaps on hardwood flooring.

  4. 94. Toilet Repair 101 (02:47)

    A guide to what can go wrong with your toilet & how to fix common problems.

  5. 95. Repairing a Loose Carpet Seam (05:06)

    A carpeting expert offers some easy tips on how to secure separating seams.

  6. 96. Chimney Caps (01:31)

    Care for your chimney this winter by installing a chimney cap.

  7. 97. How to Build a Window Screen Replacement

    Follow these instructions to create a complete replacement for a damaged window screen.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  8. 98. Repairing Fire-Damaged Duplex (00:02:24)

    Nicole finishes repairs on the fire-damaged upper floor of the 1928 duplex.

  9. 99. Inspecting Belts (01:00)

    Belts can wear down over time, making them susceptible to breaking.

  10. 100. Repairing Wall-to-Wall Carpet (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics for repairing wall-to-wall carpet.

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