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Top 100 Repairing Projects

  1. 91. How to Patch a Ceiling Hole

    These step-by-step instructions demonstrate how to patch a ceiling hole where an old electrical box used to be.

    $1 - $50
  2. 92. The Crazy Stuff That Happens on Disaster House

    Each week the Disaster House gets trashed in some very crazy and creative ways. We've dropped an piano through the roof, drove a car i...

  3. 93. How to Prep Weathered Wood for Painting

    The experts at DIY share tips for properly cleaning and prepping weathered wood for a professional paint job.

  4. 94. Quick and Easy Roof Fixes (01:26)

    Here is a fast fix if you have a leak in your roof.

  5. 95. Winterizing of Your Home (01:00)

    Try these simple maintenance tips to help get your home ready for winter.

  6. 96. On Location With Mike Holmes

    Go behind the scenes and on location with Mike Holmes and the crew on the shoot of HGTV's hit series All American Handyman.

  7. 97. Installing Laminate Tiles (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics on repairing laminate flooring.

  8. 98. Weatherizing Windows (03:34)

    See how simple it is to install all-weather insulation to your windows.

  9. 99. Cleaning Up Pet Damage (03:46)

    Think your pets are destructive? Try cleaning up after two Bengal tigers.

  10. 100. Step 4: Nail Pop Repair (01:23)

    Here's how to repair drywall where a nail has popped through the surface.

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