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Top 100 Remodeling Projects

  1. 91. $25K Bathroom Redo (03:29)

    Recycling, reusing and relocating help Bob and Amy save $10K on their redo.

  2. 92. Before and Afters from Kitchen Impossible

    DIY Network gives you a look at two amazing kitchen makeovers.

  3. 93. Installing Floating Workbench (00:01:38)

    Rob's crew builds a floating workbench along the back wall of a garage.

  4. 94. Get Clarity on Speaker Wire (00:01:00)

    Janna breaks down the key differences in home theaters speaker wires.

  5. 95. Matching Century-Old Paneling (00:03:18)

    Stephen's challenge: matching the wall paneling in a century-old home.

  6. 96. Master Suite (02:59)

    This tranquil master bedroom is the perfect place for lounging & sleeping.

  7. 97. Adding a Backsplash (01:35)

    Adding a backsplash can really "up" the appeal of a cookie-cutter kitchen.

  8. 98. The Laird Job (20:00)

    Amanda and TJ learn the hard way about the dangers of electricity!

  9. 99. The Small Plea (01:37)

    Watch the Small family plea video for the Run My Renovation online vote.

  10. 100. Install a Floating Cork Floor (00:60)

    Here's a DIY quick tip on installing a floating cork floor.

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