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Top 100 Remodeling Projects

  1. 76. Restored Classic Kitchen (00:03:18)

    Once restored, this kitchen finally fits in with the house's classic decor.

  2. 77. Amy's Basement (20:00)

    Amy Matthews & her husband want to add four rooms to their 1920s bungalow.

  3. 78. The Simmons Job (20:00)

    Gina and Joey want to turn their attic into a master bedroom and bath.

  4. 79. V.I.P. Backyard Changes (00:04:00)

    Ron transforms a backyard and installs a much-needed sprinkler system.

  5. 80. The Kuniyoshi Job (20:00)

    With only a few days to complete this renovation, Charles and Ana give all.

  6. 81. Sweet Master Suite (03:32)

    Vanilla Ice and crew put the "sweet" back into the house's master suite.

  7. 82. Second-Story Restored Deck (00:02:03)

    After being restored, this deck won't require maintenance for 25 years.

  8. 83. A Chef's Dream Comes True (00:02:51)

    John brings users' kitchen redesign choices to life.

  9. 84. 10 Worst Nominee Josh Hissong (01:08)

    Josh Hissong shows why he should be voted America's Worst DIYer.

  10. 85. Biggest Basement Ever (00:20:01)

    Jeff is rolling up his sleeves for the biggest basement renovation ever.

  11. 86. House Crashers Blog Cabin (20:01)

    House Crashers' Josh Temple heads to Virginia to crash the 2011 Blog Cabin.

  12. 87. Blog Cabin 2011: The Rejects

    Ever wonder what houses we considered for Blog Cabin 2011 before selecting the circa-1905 farmhouse in Susan, Va.? Click through pictur...

  13. 88. Bathroom Locker Storage Area (00:00:30)

    Maximize your bathroom storage with Matt's tips on building a locker area.

  14. 89. Dueling Outdoor Kitchens (00:01:39)

    One couple, two kitchens: any way you look at it, it's a win-win situation.

  15. 90. Wylie Kitchen Renovation (03:54)

    Ron & Pam are redoing their outdated kitchen but each wall hides surprises.