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Top 100 Remodeling Projects

  1. 61. Small-Space Storage (00:01:00)

    These clever tips add storage to a small bath without sacrificing space.

  2. 62. Blog Cabin 2013 Guest Bedroom (00:01:52)

    Laurie March shows the 2013 Blog Cabin's sunny, cheerful guest bedroom.

  3. 63. Graco TexSpray RTX 900 (01:29)

    This hopper makes spraying compound on drywall easy.

  4. 64. Cocktails in the Crapper (20:00)

    Matt Muenster creates a clean, classy yet rustic space for this homeowner.

  5. 65. Smart Money Makeover Sizzle (03:29)

    DIY expert hosts show how to get the most remodeling bang for their buck.

  6. 66. The Pink Bomb (20:00)

    Matt steps in to update Mitch and Valerie's pink nightmare of a bathroom.

  7. 67. DIY Deck-Building Quicktips (00:01:00)

    John DeSilvia shares his tips on how to build a sturdy deck that will last.

  8. 68. Furniture Sanding (04:52)

    Everything you need to know about sanding wood furniture.

  9. 69. Build a Reclaimed Wood Cabinet (00:01:00)

    Matt builds a reclaimed wood cabinet that adds stylish bathroom storage.

  10. 71. Attic Bonus Room (20:00)

    The Thompsons have a $9,000 budget and big renovation plans.

  11. 72. Hit the Road With Amish RENOgades

    Master craftsmen Robert and Albert from Vanilla Ice Goes Amish travel cross-country, taking their talents on the road in DIY Network's ...

  12. 73. DIY Vanity (00:30)

    You can't have a great-looking bathroom without a great-looking vanity.

  13. 74. Media Room Set-Up Tips (00:01:00)

    Get helpful tips for setting up a home theater.

  14. 75. Soapstone Kitchen Makeover - 2 (04:32)

    Dean and Derek help Vermont Soapstone install a soapstone kitchen counter.