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Top 100 Remodeling Projects

  1. 31. Roof and Deck Dilemma (00:03:27)

    A mossy roof and rotting deck: practical fixes the homeowners have ignored.

  2. 32. Tiny Rusty Kitchen (00:20:01)

    A small, crumbling kitchen becomes a functional contemporary space.

  3. 33. How to Install an Archway Between Rooms

    An archway can add character and uniqueness to a home. Learn how to add an archway between rooms with these easy step-by-step direction...

    $250 - $500
    Easy to Moderate
  4. 34. Biggest Basement Ever (00:20:01)

    Jeff is rolling up his sleeves for the biggest basement renovation ever.

  5. 35. Chicago Firehouse Kitchen (00:03:16)

    This bold firehouse makeover is Alison and the crew's biggest crash yet.

  6. 36. Blog Cabin 2011: The Rejects

    Ever wonder what houses we considered for Blog Cabin 2011 before selecting the circa-1905 farmhouse in Susan, Va.? Click through pictur...

  7. 37. Zen Spa Bath Crash in Vegas (00:02:55)

    Glass touches and high-tech features top off this Vegas Zen spa bathroom.

  8. 38. Vessel Sink Installation (00:01:00)

    Here are must-see tips for installing your vessel sink properly.

  9. 39. Deck Bench Seat (02:57)

    Step-by-step directions for building a bench seat for a deck.

  10. 40. Transforming a Bathroom on a Tight Budget has advice on how to remodel your bathroom for little money.

  11. 41. Basement Remodeling Tips

    These homeowners realized an estimated $9000 return on their investment, in terms of home-equity increase, by upgrading their bare base...

  12. 42. Sorting Through Kitchen Cabinet Choices

    Before you spend a big chunk of your remodel budget on cabinets, make sure you're choosing wisely. DIY Network experts offer tips on ho...

  13. 43. Compact Belt Sander (00:01:06)

    Don't let the size fool you -- this thing can do some serious sanding!

  14. 44. Baseball Molding (02:50)

    Ken Griffey Sr. demonstrates how to create chair rail with baseball bats.

  15. 45. Vanilla Ice Tops Amish Charts (00:01:06)

    Vanilla Ice Goes Amish (and tops the charts): Saturdays at 10p/9c, on DIY.