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Top 100 Remodeling Projects

  1. 31. Adding a Kitchen (20:00)

    Jessica completes her kitchen makeover with help from Amy Matthews.

  2. 32. Nate Berkus & Manhasset (00:20:02)

    Nate Berkus buys the apartment of his dreams and wants help renovating it.

  3. 33. Blog Cabin 2011: Foyer Tour

    The beautiful and welcoming foyer at Blog Cabin 2011 features heart-pin flooring, rustic-chic furnishings and picturesque views of the ...

  4. 34. Repairing Fire-Damaged Duplex (00:02:24)

    Nicole finishes repairs on the fire-damaged upper floor of the 1928 duplex.

  5. 35. Build a Reclaimed Wood Cabinet (00:01:00)

    Matt builds a reclaimed wood cabinet that adds stylish bathroom storage.

  6. 36. Tiny To Spacious (00:20:00)

    A small bath becomes spacious with tile, tub and wood.

  7. 37. Geek to Me (20:00)

    They get rid of a whole lot of ugly and bring in a room full of cool.

  8. 38. Applying Stucco to DIY Project (00:01:00)

    Consider adding stucco as a stylish finish idea for your DIY home project.

  9. 39. 10 Worst Nominee Tim Lucas (01:13)

    Tim Lucas shows why he should be voted America's Worst DIYer.

  10. 40. Kitchen Island Renovation (01:04)

    A kitchen island improves functionality and adds value to almost any home.

  11. 41. Electrifying Kitchen Demo (04:01)

    Paula's kitchen renovation could have potentially deadly repercussions.

  12. 42. Leveling Basics (02:02)

    Get a quick lesson in the leveling devices available and how to use them.

  13. 43. Urban Boston Den (03:53)

    John's trip to the home improvement store yields a new den and a fiancee.

  14. 44. Bavarian-Style Master Suite (00:04:02)

    Homeowners transform a bathroom and bedroom into a luxurious master suite

  15. 45. Insulation and Vapor Barriers (01:47)

    Learn about insulation and vapor barriers before remodeling a basement.