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How to Install a Rainwater Diverter and a Rain Barrel

Save money on your water bill by installing a rain barrel to harvest precipitation.

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Rain Barrels

Top 10 Rain Barrels Projects

  1. 1. Creating a Rain Barrel (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics on creating a rain barrel.

  2. 2. Installing a Rain Barrel (00:01:23)

    Jay helps this homeowner install an eco-friendly rain barrel.

  3. 3. Eco-Landscaping

    DIY experts turn a pine-straw-covered front yard into an environmentally-friendly landscape.

  4. 4. How to Build a Rainbarrel Platform

    Putting your rainbarrel on a platform will give you good water pressure, and you won't have to bend over to get to the water.

    $100 - $250
  5. 5. All About Large-Scale Rainwater Collection

    Learn how large-scale rainwater collection tanks work on

  6. 6. How to Build a Rainwater Diverter and Rain Barrel

    DIY Network has photo step-by-step instructions on how to harvest rainwater by installing a rain barrel.

  7. 7. How to Create a Rain Barrel

    By positioning rain barrels under downspouts you can collect enough run-off to significantly cut your outdoor watering bill.

    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  8. 8. Compost for Lawn Maintenance (00:01:39)

    Composting and rain harvesting turn lawn waste into organic fertilizer.

  9. 9. Rainbarrel Tips

    Let the experts at DIY Network give you some tips for using a rainbarrel to capture water to use on your vegetable garden and flowers.