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Top 13 Quilting Projects

  1. 1. Victorian Crazy-Quilt Blocks

    Artist Donna Chesebrough demonstrates a Victorian crazy-quilt technique that can be adapted to many home-decor accessories. When creati...

  2. 2. Panel Print Quilts (03:39)

    Simplify those panel and theme prints that seem so challenging.

  3. 3. DAR Quilt Tour (04:43)

    Simply Quilts visits the Daughters of the American Revolution museum.

  4. 4. Antique Quilts (03:49)

    Everything you want to know about antique quilts from expert Alex Anderson.

  5. 5. Welsh Whole Cloth Quilts (03:08)

    For your next quilt, use Welsh influenced patterns and designs.

  6. 6. Benefits of Quilting (04:28)

    Put a cloth puzzle together and create your own quilt.

  7. 7. Mother-Daughter Quilt Show (04:35)

    Meet a mother and daughter quilting team with a unique design style.

  8. 8. Seam-Ripping Tip (00:55)

    A simple solution for the next time you have to pick apart seams.

  9. 9. Easy Paper Piecing (04:28)

    Create exciting page designs with this traditional quilting technique.

  10. 10. Kimono Quilts (04:46)

    Visit a "secret garden" where quilts are made from vintage kimonos.

  11. 11. Folk Art Quilting (04:28)

    Explore the quilted creations of a well-known folk artist.

  12. 12. Attorney Quilt Artist (04:53)

    Meet an attorney who amazes clients with her unique portrait quilts.

  13. 13. Sewing Solutions (03:44)

    Quilt an entire top without ever battling the sewing machine.