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Top 10 Purple Projects

  1. 1. Blog Cabin Picnic Table (00:35)

    A Blog Cabin carpenter talks about a picnic table he's building.

  2. 2. Spaghetti Squash and Gourds (20:00)

    Joe Lamp'l shows you how to grow spaghetti squash and gourds.

  3. 3. Cottage-Style Landscapes and Gardens

    DIY Network showcases beautiful pictures of colorful cottage gardens.

  4. 4. Getting the Purple Out (02:32)

    Matt helps homeowner Dusty get rid of all the purple in his bathroom.

  5. 5. Long Term Auto Maintenance (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for long-term auto maintenance.

  6. 6. 5 Grown-Up Purple Interiors

    DIY Network shows you how to give your room design the royal treatment with purple paint colors sure to please the most grown-up and so...

  7. 7. The Psychology of Color

    Color is a powerful tool. DIY Color experts explain the impact of various colors, both physically and emotionally.

  8. 8. Groovy Bathroom Getaway (00:02:37)

    Iridescent tiles and special lighting make this bathroom a groovy getaway.

  9. 9. A Bath Fit for Royalty (00:03:14)

    Wood and metal tones complement the royal-purple on the walls of this bath.

  10. 10. Purple Reign (20:00)

    Dusty's all purple bathroom just doesn't reflect his style.