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Top 100 Power Tools Projects

  1. 76. How to Make a Clear Sub-Base

    One of the biggest challenges when using a router is actually seeing the work piece beneath the base. Replacing a router’s stock ...

    $1 - $50
  2. 77. Fein Multi-Master XL (01:37)

    Take a look at the versatility of this single small power tool.

  3. 78. Power-Tool Pumpkin Carving (00:03:35)

    Chris Grundy shows how to carve a Halloween pumpkin with power tools.

  4. 79. Jackhammer Tips

    DIY Network experts spell out the safety issues to be aware of when operating a jackhammer.

  5. 80. Winch Versus Hoist

    DIY Network demonstrates the difference between a winch and a hoist.

  6. 81. Uniform Hole Spacing on a Drill Press

    Follow these step-by-step instructions for constructing a jig to ensure evenly-spaced holes when drilling.

  7. 82. Skil Power Wrench (01:08)

    The ease of a power tool and the power of a manual wrench in one tool.

  8. 83. Air Compressor Tips

    Use these DIY tips to help determine which air compressor will get the job done — and how much horsepower is really needed.

  9. 84. Tips on Choosing and Using an Air Compressor

    This DIY Network guide makes it easy to choose the right air compressor for any project.

  10. 85. How to Move a Refrigerator

    Host Paul Ryan demonstrates how to move a 600-pound refrigerator into place with the help of an airlifter.

    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  11. 86. The Basics on Grinders and Polishers

    DIY Network offers on guide on grinders and polishers, and the specific functions these similar-looking tools can perform.

  12. 87. Chain-Saw Basics

    DIY Network experts offer tips for safe chain saw usage.

  13. 88. Reciprocating Saw in Slo-Mo (00:00:34)

    A 30-second slow-motion demonstration of a reciprocating saw at work.

  14. 89. Sequence Screwdriver

    DIY Network offers information about this special power driver that drives large quantities of screws into various materials easily.

  15. 90. A Motorized Old Favorite (01:18)

    This isn't your traditional come-a-long: it's powered and more versatile!