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Striped Walls Help Create a Sophisticated Play Space

Turn a normal playroom into a sophisticated play space by adding striped walls and painted furniture.

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Top 35 Playrooms Projects

  1. 1. Year-Round Mega Den (00:03:54)

    A screened porch provides much-needed space for a year-round mega den.

  2. 2. How to Build a Stage for a Kids' Playroom

    DIY Network has instructions on how to build a platform that serve as a stage for kids or adults.

  3. 3. Organizing Playroom Clutter (01:00)

    Conquer your kids' toy chaos with shelves and wall-mounted storage baskets.

  4. 4. Rustic Basement Retreat (00:03:14)

    What's not to love about the huge living areas in this basement retreat?

  5. 5. Man Caves: NFL Fan Cave

    DIY Network and the NFL Network joined forces to award one super fan the ultimate football command center.

  6. 6. Run My Renovation: A Family Room You Helped Design

    We asked fans to vote on how we should renovate a family room. Take a look at the stunning results.

  7. 7. Turn Wasted Space to Lounge Space

    DIY Network has ideas on how to turn unused spaces into stylish living areas.

  8. 8. How to Paint Decorative Patterns on Furniture

    Learn how to paint decorative patterns and lines on closets, shelves and toy chests.

    $1 - $50
  9. 9. Colorful Accents for a Playroom

    DIY experts offer tips on decorating a playroom, taking tips from the child's interests while choosing furniture and accessories for th...

  10. 10. How to Build the Frame and Stairs for a Playground

    Create a fun backyard with an elaborate playground that you can build using a kit.

    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  11. 11. Organizing a Child's Room

    DIY offers several ways to organize a kid's room and get a child interested in staying organized.

  12. 12. Everyday Art

  13. 13. Toys in the Attic (00:20:00)

    Mark & Jennifer's loft, is full of dress-up clothes and kids' art supplies.

  14. 14. Lucas Playroom (03:40)

    Tim and Annie Lucas create a playroom for their two young daughters.

  15. 15. Living Room & Playroom in One (00:03:58)

    The Mega Dens crew creates a living room/playroom for Mom, Dad & the boys.

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