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Top 100 Plants Projects

  1. 91. Bargain Plants (04:53)

    Our gardening pro explains how to find the best plant bargains.

  2. 92. Plant Shopping List

    DIY experts discuss several plant varieties and the planting information for each zone.

  3. 93. Plant Cuttings (00:39)

    Advice on how to grow plants from cuttings from gardener Jessie Mack Burns.

  4. 94. Outdoor Zen Spa, Part 1 (05:02)

    Dean and Derek create a zen spa, beginning with an outdoor shower.

  5. 95. How to Make a Cucumber Trellis

    Cucumbers do best if grown on a trellis. By providing a structure you will get cucumbers that are more uniform in size and shape.

    $1 - $50
  6. 96. Patron Court (20:00)

    The crew heads to Patron Court to help a very deserving pair of seniors.

  7. 97. Tomatillos and Malabar Spinach (19:59)

    We'll plant Tomatillos and Malabar spinach and then build a PVC trellis.

  8. 98. Picket Fence Planter (05:49)

    Plant a mint or herb garden in this easy-to-make picket fence planter.

  9. 99. How to Plant a Hedge

    Whether you have a formal or an informal garden, hedges can provide the perfect wind barrier, living fence or wildlife home in your gar...

    $250 - $500
  10. 100. Plants and Zones

    DIY Network experts share a list of 12 plant varieties and their ideal situation for specific zones.

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