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Top 100 Plants Projects

  1. 46. Garden Light Box (02:20)

    This light box will give your indoor plants an extra boost this winter.

  2. 47. Healthy Blueberries (20:00)

    We show you how to select and care for berry shrubs.

  3. 48. Watering Tips (01:05)

    Watering tips for outdoor plants, hanging baskets, and window boxes.

  4. 49. Vegetation Nutrition (00:22)

    See what scraps from the kitchen can be used to feed your garden.

  5. 50. Tips for Protecting Corn From Disease, Pests and Animals

    Use these DIY Network tips to keep weeds and insects away from corn crop before harvesting.

  6. 51. Annual and Biennial Weeds

    The gardening experts at take a look through annual and biennial weeds and show you how to take care of your garden.

  7. 52. How to Plant Shrubs for Hedging and Privacy

    Planting a shrub hedge adds privacy and helps define spaces.

    2 hours
    $100 - $250
  8. 53. Blue Muffin Viburnum and 14 Other Plant Varieties

    DIY Network experts share how to take care of 15 plants in different zones.

  9. 54. Burdsall Avenue (20:00)

    On Burdsall Avenue, a smart family needs a serious lesson on landscaping.

  10. 55. Unusual Summer Perennials

    Use this information from the experts at DIY Network to get out of a planting rut with some largely unknown garden options.

  11. 56. Dividing Plants

    Improve the health of your plants and save money at the same time with these tips from the experts at DIY Network.

  12. 57. Funky Austin Front Yard (00:03:11)

    Native plants give this Austin, Texas, home a low-maintenance front yard.

  13. 58. Strawberry Fields Forever (20:00)

    We show you how to plant, care for and harvest strawberries.

  14. 59. Top 10 Ways to Go Big in Your Landscaping

    Add super-sized curb appeal to your house with these high-impact landscaping ideas.

  15. 60. Tips for Growing Strawberries

    DIY Network’s gardening experts show you how to have a successful and delicious strawberry crop with a few quick tips.