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Top 100 Plants Projects

  1. 31. Fantastic Figs (20:01)

    We'll show you how to care for, plant and harvest delicious figs.

  2. 32. Growing Herbs (03:18)

    Joe Lamp'l shows how to plant movable herb gardens in strawberry pots.

  3. 33. Planter Wand (00:42)

    Nothing could be much greener than this tool to help you plant flowers.

  4. 34. Marking Landscape Designs (02:02)

    See how to mark out your landscape designs with these timesaving tips.

  5. 35. How to Grow Radishes

    Radishes are among the easiest and fastest vegetables to grow, making them a great starter crop for new gardeners.

    Several Weekends
    $1 - $50
  6. 36. Tips on Protecting the Garden From Pests

    Keep critters away from your growing carrots with these simple yet effective tactics from DIY Network.

  7. 37. Blog Cabin Landscaping- Part 1 (05:25)

    As the inside of the house comes together, attention turns to landscaping.

  8. 38. Flavorful Herbs Enhance Summer Dishes

    Take these tips from the DIY Network for using summer herbs for fresh tastes from the grill or the garden.

  9. 39. Replacing Your Lawn With Landscaping

    The lawn experts at DIY Network show you how to replace your lawn with low-maintenance groundcovers.

  10. 40. Conducting a Soil Test

    Learn about the benefits of conducting a simple soil test. The DIY Network experts discuss how test results can tell you how to amend s...

  11. 41. Planting Bulbs for Summer Bloom

    DIY experts discuss which beauties to plant in spring so they'll brighten a summer garden.

  12. 42. Tips for Buying Mail-Order Plants

    Shopping for plants online or in catalogs can produce great results. The experts at DIY Network provide tips for finding plants through...

  13. 43. Plants and Zones

    DIY Network experts share a list of 12 plant varieties and their ideal situation for specific zones.

  14. 44. How To Plant Strawberries

    Use these steps to grow the biggest strawberries on the block.

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
  15. 45. Door and Window Makeover (00:01:58)

    Enhance curb appeal by improving the appearance of your doors and windows.