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Top 100 Plants Projects

  1. 16. Lawn Aerator

    DIY experts explain how tines on a lawn aerator dig plugs of dirt, and allow water and nutrients to get to the root system below.

  2. 17. Old Landscape (20:01)

    Jason Cameron, sets out to help a young homeowner with an old landscape.

  3. 18. A Magical Transformation (20:00)

    A magician's front yard is transformed into a thing of beauty.

  4. 19. Unusual Summer Perennials

    Use this information from the experts at DIY Network to get out of a planting rut with some largely unknown garden options.

  5. 20. Dividing Plants

    Improve the health of your plants and save money at the same time with these tips from the experts at DIY Network.

  6. 21. America's Most Desperate Landscape 2010: Landscape Tips for Weekly Winner 3

    DIY landscaping expert Jason Cameron offers tips for beautifying a dusty front yard, the third weekly winner for America's Most Despera...

  7. 22. Mulch Options

    DIY Network experts discuss the different benefits of various types of mulch and help you determine which type is best for your garden.

  8. 23. How to Remove Lawn Thatch

    Thatch, built-up plant material between green growth and grass roots, is essential, but too much can deter healthy lawn growth. DIY Net...

  9. 24. Lawn Watering Basics

    DIY experts offer a crash course in watering a lawn.

  10. 25. Slow Drip Underground Soaker (00:24)

    Keep plants well watered with this inexpensive trick.

  11. 26. How to Create a Floating Herb Garden

    With just a few supplies you can turn an ordinary baby pool into a floating herb garden.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
  12. 27. How to Grow Spinach

    Spinach is a cool-season crop, which means it's almost never too early to plant it.

    Several Months
    $1 - $50
  13. 28. How To Arrange Flowering Shrubs

    Learn about the best way to plant shrubs for a lovely front yard.

    2 hours
    $100 - $250
  14. 29. A Hot Mess (20:00)

    Jason hits Las Vegas to help a couple fix up their messy yard.

  15. 30. Winter Squash (00:20:01)

    Joe shows how and when to plant winter squash.