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Top 52 Perennials Projects

  1. 46. Fast Fix for a Bachelor Yard (06:05)

    This bachelor pad gets a yard makeover from landscape pro Jason Cameron.

  2. 47. Plant Variety

    DIY experts discuss several plant varieties and the planting information for each zone.

  3. 48. Plant Shopping

    DIY experts discuss several plant varieties and zone information for each.

  4. 49. How to Plant a Border Garden

    With the proper care, a perennial border will become more beautiful with each passing year.

    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  5. 50. Lawnless Perennials (04:12)

    Mayita Dinos adds flowering perennials to a lawnless flagstone landscape.

  6. 51. Perennial Border (03:41)

    Perennials bring instant color, height and texture to any landscape.

  7. 52. Dahlias and Gladioli (04:27)

    Maureen Gilmer divides and plants dahlia tubers and gladiolus corms.

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