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How to Install a Pendant Light

Learn how to remove an old ceiling fixture and replace it with a new pendant light.

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Top 18 Pendants Projects

  1. 1. How to Make Wine Bottle Pendant Lights shares how to make pendant lights from empty wine bottles.

  2. 2. Illuminating Ideas

    When illuminating your home's interior, you can choose among ambient, accent and task lighting. DIY Network experts cover the various t...

  3. 3. A Barn Reborn (04:25)

    An outdated kitchen gets 19th-century style with 21st century convenience.

  4. 4. Cut-Up Key Rings (04:05)

    Make key rings, pendants and more with this craft project.

  5. 5. B. Original With Silverware (20:00)

    Turn forks into bracelets and spoons into pendants and vases!

  6. 6. Traditional Pendant Lighting (02:04)

    See how easy it is to wire and install your own light fixtures.

  7. 7. Add Extra Earring To Necklace (01:32)

    Reuse a favorite earring by incorporating it into a new pendant necklace.

  8. 8. Light Fixtures From Blog Cabin 2014

    Browse through beautiful lighting from Blog Cabin 2014 on and gain a few ideas to illuminate your home in a bold way.

  9. 9. Lemon to Rolls Royce (04:40)

    This kitchen went into the car wash a lemon and came out a Rolls Royce.

  10. 10. How To Make a Light Fixture From a Galvanized Bucket

    DIY Network has instructions on how to upcycle galvanized tubs into outdoor pendant lights.

  11. 11. Easy Glass Bottle Pendant (01:24)

    Perfect for love potions, design your own tiny glass bottle pendants.

  12. 12. Designer Bridesmaid Pendant (04:11)

    Handcrafted bridesmaid jewelry will be cherished for many years.

  13. 13. How to Install Pendant Track Lights

    DIY Network shows you how to install pendant track lights and add some ambient light to a kitchen.

    $100 - $250
  14. 14. Pendant-Light Ceiling Fan (00:01:32)

    This compact pendant-light ceiling fan goes where no fan has gone before.

  15. 15. Kitchen Ceiling Update

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