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Top 100 Paints Projects

  1. 91. Stencil Slip 'n Slide (00:00:24)

    See how to secure stencils in place for a picture perfect transfer.

  2. 92. Tip for Shortening Paint Time (01:16)

    Karl Champley vlogs a tip for cutting your painting time by a third.

  3. 93. Family Room Update Overdue (00:03:10)

    Rev's outdated family room needs more than paint to make it a 'great' room.

  4. 94. Scary Halloween Tree (00:04:09)

    Celebrate Halloween by making a spooky tree.

  5. 95. Perfecting Your Palette

    Use these tips from DIY Network to select great paint colors.

  6. 96. Michaele's Mess Part 2 (05:16)

    Michaele has made progress on her house redo, but her yard's another story.

  7. 97. Brush Flex Extender (00:01:11)

    You can reach to paint anywhere with McCauley Tools' Brush Flex extender.

  8. 98. Custom Cover Hides Radiator (00:01:00)

    Use these easy tips for making a custom cover to disguise an old radiator.

  9. 99. Bridge Spray Painting (03:41)

    Jason Cameron helps to paint the Queensboro Bridge with a spray gun.

  10. 100. Cordless Paint Sprayer (01:27)

    Painting's easier than ever when you use Ryobi's cordless paint sprayer.

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