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Top 100 Paints Projects

  1. 46. Great Graffiti (02:56)

    Give stainless steel a funky look by creating a swirl effect with a sander.

  2. 47. Paint Over Dark Paneling (01:34)

    Here's a quick fix for dark paneled walls: paint over the paneling.

  3. 48. Bridge Painting- Part 4 (03:00)

    Join a crew tackling the largest bridge painting project ever in the USA.

  4. 49. Powerful Yet Gentle Hand Wipes (00:01:47)

    From oil to paint, these wipes can keep your hands fresh and clean.

  5. 50. Selecting The Proper Paint (02:01)

    For your painting project, review the various types of paints and brushes.

  6. 51. Painting Prep (02:00)

    Everything you need to know about prepping for a paint job, from DIY Kits.

  7. 52. Newlyweds on the Block (20:00)

    Newlyweds put an end to the neighbors' complaints about their yard.

  8. 53. Stripping Old Finishes

    Learn the proper techniques for stripping old finishes, from experts at DIY Network.

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  9. 54. Undoing Exterior Eyesores (00:01:00)

    Undo exterior eyesores with these quick tips and a little elbow grease.

  10. 55. Childproof Decor (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics on childproofing your decor.

  11. 56. Gift for Grandma and Grandpa (00:07:12)

    The crew tackle chores that this older couple can't do for themselves.

  12. 57. Giving the Gift of Creativity (00:03:26)

    Spark creativity by giving a unique personalized project kit.

  13. 58. Replacing a Medicine Cabinet (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for replacing a medicine cabinet.

  14. 59. Exterior Painting Preparation

    When painting the exterior of a house, learn these valuable tips that can save you time by preparing properly for the project, from DIY...

  15. 60. Winter Wonderland Centerpiece (00:00:23)

    Beat the cold-weather blues with this idea for a cool centerpiece.