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Top 100 Painting Projects

  1. 76. DIY: Pearlescent Picture Frames

    To make your own tabletop gallery, apply pearly metallic paint to wood frames. It's a charming way to give plain objects pizzazz or tie...

    $1 - $50
  2. 77. Painting With Rags (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics for painting with rags.

  3. 78. Faux Walnut Finish (03:11)

    Steve Bull shows how to give doors a faux-woodgrain finish with paint.

  4. 79. Transforming Patios With Paint and Colorful Accents

    DIY Network shows you how add color to your patio with paint.

  5. 80. Paint Horizontal Stripes

  6. 81. How to Create Sunburst Walls

    Learn how to create a sunny bamboo bungalow by applying a sunburst paint technique to the walls.

    $50 - $100
    Easy to Moderate
  7. 82. Step 3: Prep the Materials (02:16)

    Here's what you should know about choosing paint and materials for a room.

  8. 83. Shell Gift Box (04:03)

    A keepsake box covered with collected sea shells is a perfect DIY gift.

  9. 84. Creating a Built-In Bookcase (01:00)

    Here are the DIY Basics on creating a built-in bookcase.

  10. 85. Paint Brush 101 (01:45)

    Here are tips about paint brushes and painting tricks.

  11. 86. Kitchen Cabinets Full Project (10:22)

    Amy Matthews gives step-by-step instructions on painting kitchen cabinets.

  12. 87. How to Choose Paint Colors (00:03:02)

    Shannon Kaye explains how color schemes help in choosing paint colors.

  13. 88. Foiling Paint Splatters (00:22)

    Keep drips and splatters off your door's hardware with this trick.

  14. 89. Photo Gallery: Removing Wallpaper

    This photo gallery shows you how to remove wallpaper from walls using a steamer stripper.

  15. 90. Bottle Incense Burner (02:00)

    Create funky incense burners from old wine bottles and glass paint.

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