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Top 100 Painting Projects

  1. 31. How To Paint Fabric

    This painting technique uses a masking-tape resist that gives clothing or furnishings a one-of-a-kind look.

    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  2. 32. B. Original With Mesh (20:00)

    Michele creates sculptures, paintings and lighting accents from mesh.

  3. 33. Bridge Painting- Part 1 (08:06)

    Join a crew tackling the largest bridge painting project ever in the USA.

  4. 34. The Best Techniques for Using Paintbrushes, Rollers and Paint Sprayers

    Learn the basic and best way to use common painting tools.

  5. 35. How to Choose & Use Primer (02:01)

    Watch this video primer on how to select and apply the proper primer.

  6. 36. How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Countertops

    The experts at discuss the pros and cons of using a kit to paint laminate counterops so they look like granite.

  7. 37. Exterior Painting Preparation

    When painting the exterior of a house, learn these valuable tips that can save you time by preparing properly for the project, from DIY...

  8. 38. Fanciful Tile Art (03:56)

    Discover the larger-than-life tile murals of Michigan artist Sue Bolt.

  9. 39. Interior Painting Tips

    Learn tips before you buy, how to prep, the essential tools and clean-up tricks.

  10. 40. Paint Horizontal Stripe (00:01:02)

    Here's the DIY Download on how to Paint Horizontal Stripes.

  11. 41. Painting Technique (03:35)

    Nancy Golden shows a painting technique with a diamond template for walls.

  12. 42. Faux-Finish Dresser (02:00)

    Give furniture a new look with a faux finish paint technique.

  13. 43. Crackle Paint

    Expert faux finisher Joe Fenzi shows how to achieve a crackle finish by applying a base coat and glue, then finishing with another colo...

  14. 44. Types of Wall Scrapers

    Painting and wallpapering often require scraping off what's already there. Dozens of scrapers are available, and your choice should be ...

  15. 45. Mama's Getting Granite (03:49)

    Jen saves over $19,000 -- enough to have granite installed in her kitchen.

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