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Painting Multiple-Striped Walls

Painting Multiple-Striped Walls

Learn how to give a room a French-inspired theme by painting it multiple stripes of dark-green and brown.

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Whitewashing and Pickling Techniques

Whitewashing and Pickling Techniques

Whitewashing your furniture can brighten the look of any room.

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Painting a Popcorn Ceiling

Painting a Popcorn Ceiling

Check out these tips for painting a popcorn ceiling.

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Top 100 Painting Projects

  1. 1. Bridge Painting (06:27)

    Jason joins a crew tackling the largest bridge painting project in the US.

  2. 2. Picking Colors and Themes for a Nursery

    DIY experts explain how a nursery doesn’t have to match the rest of the house, so any theme or color combination will do.

  3. 3. Step 3: Clean the Surfaces (01:53)

    Here's how to clean kitchen cabinets to prepare them for painting.

  4. 4. 15 Painting Mistakes to Avoid

    Get expert advice on how to avoid all the painting mistakes, like paint on wall plates, doors, surface problems and more from DIY Netwo...

  5. 5. Step 4: Sand the Surfaces (02:11)

    Here's how to sand kitchen cabinet surfaces to be repainted.

  6. 6. Step 5: Apply Primer-Sealer (01:26)

    Here's why and how to apply a primer-sealer to cabinets before painting.

  7. 7. How to Paint Shelves with a Metallic Rusty Finish

    A metallic rusting agent on the wooden display shelves lends the look of vintage garden shelves on the newly finished walls.

    Two Days
    $1 - $50
  8. 8. Colorwashing Paint Techniques (05:30)

    Try an easy painting method to create soft, understated walls.

  9. 9. Step 6: Apply Paint (02:28)

    Step by step, Amy Matthews explains how to apply paint to kitchen cabinets.

  10. 10. How to Create Colorful Lampshades

    By dripping colorful shades of paint, old lampshades are turned into a look of modern art.

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
  11. 11. 15 Painting Tips to Paint Like a Pro

    Learn how to make your painting project look like the pros'. Get expert advice from DIY Network.

  12. 12. Paint a Room Full Project (11:23)

    Amy Matthews demonstrates how to paint a room with professional results.

  13. 13. Paint (20:00)

    Chris Grundy reveals tools for painting, prepping, and cleaning up.

  14. 14. Painting Interiors (20:01)

    Amy Matthews shows how to alter the overall look of a room with painting.

  15. 15. How To Select the Right Paint and Color For Your Home

    Find all you need to know about selecting the right paint and color for your home from

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