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Painting Multiple-Striped Walls

Painting Multiple-Striped Walls

Learn how to give a room a French-inspired theme by painting it multiple stripes of dark-green and brown.

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Whitewashing and Pickling Techniques

Whitewashing and Pickling Techniques

Whitewashing your furniture can brighten the look of any room.

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Painting a Popcorn Ceiling

Painting a Popcorn Ceiling

Check out these tips for painting a popcorn ceiling.

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Top 100 Painting Projects

  1. 1. Picking Colors and Themes for a Nursery

    DIY experts explain how a nursery doesn’t have to match the rest of the house, so any theme or color combination will do.

  2. 2. 15 Painting Mistakes to Avoid

    Get expert advice on how to avoid all the painting mistakes, like paint on wall plates, doors, surface problems and more from DIY Netwo...

  3. 3. Lowe's Concrete Patio (03:03)

    Lowe's helps you convert a plain patio into a grand space for entertaining.

  4. 4. How to Make a Crewel Artwork Panel

    For a cheerful accent to the classic blue walls, the team creates a crewelwork decorative panel above the fireplace.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  5. 5. 15 Painting Tips to Paint Like a Pro

    Learn how to make your painting project look like the pros'. Get expert advice from DIY Network.

  6. 6. Masonry Paint (00:60)

    Here's an Indoors Out quick tip on using masonry paint.

  7. 7. Add Fresh Paint to Update Room (00:01:00)

    Adding fresh paint changes the feel of a room in just a few easy steps.

  8. 8. How to Paint a Cool and Classic Lamp

    A tired little lamp gets new life from a cobalt glass paint.

  9. 9. Bridge Painting (20:01)

    Jason joins a crew tackling the largest bridge painting ever in the U.S.

  10. 10. Prazi Seal Pro Paint Tray (01:01)

    A paint tray with a locking lid and other features to make painting easier.

  11. 11. Painting Pads 101 (01:57)

    How to use painting pads, which make your jobs faster and easier.

  12. 12. Savvy Basement Renovation (04:47)

    See how homeowners maximized their remodeling budget with sweat equity.

  13. 13. Genie Towable Boom Lift TZ-3 (01:38)

    If you're working over your head, try renting a Genie Towable Boom Lft.

  14. 14. Roller Cover Clean Up Kit (00:43)

    This kit attaches to a hose or faucet to rinse the roller cover clean.

  15. 15. Roller Shade Mural (04:42)

    Add whimsy to a room with these colorful roller shade murals.

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