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Top 100 Organizing Projects

  1. 61. Garages Converted: Work and Workout Spaces

    Bill Goldberg and the Garage Mahal crew transform two garages. One garage becomes a home gym and the other a multifunctional home offic...

  2. 62. Ways to Declutter and Stay Organized

    The organizing experts at DIY Network help declutter every room in the house with these storage solutions.

  3. 63. Tool Identification Kit

    DIY Network shows how to identify various tools in a workshop with this spring-loaded tool ID kit.

  4. 64. Catch-All Closet (01:00)

    A huge, poorly laid-out closet gets a redo that includes a laundry sorter.

  5. 65. Getting Organized

    Simple, inexpensive organization tips from the Queen of Crafts.

  6. 66. Storage and Organization Tips from Blog Cabin 2014

    From functional furniture pieces to clever hideaways, learn simple ways to utilize every inch of space and organize your home with expe...

  7. 67. Clear Up Closet Chaos (00:00:30)

    Simplify your life just by simply organizing your closets.

  8. 68. Back to School: Organize With Lunchbox Storage

    DIY Network offers tips on how to use lunchboxes to keep the little things in your life organized.

  9. 69. Nesting Boxes for Storage (01:00)

    Nesting boxes maximize awkward space in a large, irregularly shaped closet.

  10. 70. Art Studio: Project Table (01:00)

    A fully functional project table is just what this bonus room needs.

  11. 71. How to Install a Heavy-Duty Closet Organizer

    A closet organizer can help you reduce clutter and maximize the use of your space. Learn how to install a closet organizer with these e...

    $1 - $50
  12. 72. Pantries for an Organized Kitchen

    Get smart with storage. DIY Network offers 16 pantry ideas to get your kitchen in order.

  13. 73. Tips for Increased Organization and Productivity

    Organization is considered by many to be the single most important factor in establishing and sustaining productive work habits. DIY ex...

  14. 74. Easy Organization for Linen Closets and Medicine Cabinets

    Browse images of beautiful linen closets and bathroom medicine cabinets from DIY Network, and get tips for organizing and adding storag...

  15. 75. Store That Stuff

    Carol Duvall, host of HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show, visited producer Linda Watson's craft room and discovered lots of ideas for keeping...