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Top 100 Organizing Projects

  1. 16. 14 Easy Ways to Organize Small Stuff in the Kitchen

    The experts at DIY Network show you how to organize all the small stuff in your kitchen with a few simple tips and tricks.

  2. 17. Turn an Old Chalkboard into a Family Message Center

    DIY Network has instructions on how to turn a chalkboard into a family calendar and message center.

  3. 18. Ultimate Gardening Tools

    DIY Network is the right place to learn about some nifty garden tools.

  4. 19. 6 Easy-to-Make Upcycled Message Boards

    DIY Network has ideas for decorating your walls and staying organized with message and memo boards made inexpensively from repurposed i...

  5. 20. Download and Print Tags and Labels to Keep Toys Organized

    DIY Network has printable tags that you can customize with the names of their toys then the kids can draw a picture of the toy. Even if...

  6. 21. Home Team To The Rescue: Garage Makeover

    DIY Network shows you how a cluttered garage can be transformed into a multifunctional space.

  7. 22. Playroom Storage Solutions (01:00)

    Take advantage of unused wall space to declutter your kids' playroom.

  8. 23. Clever Organizers: Beyond the Pail

    Metal buckets are an old-fashioned container with a modern look. DIY Network shows you how to use them to hold just about anything anyw...

  9. 24. How to Make a Lumber Rack

    DIY experts explain how to make a lumber rack that will help keep any workshop organized. Screw the lumber rack into a permanent spot i...

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
    Easy to Moderate
  10. 25. Family Creativity Center

    Creativity is a learned skill that builds confidence and sparks communication. Spark kids' creativity and have hours of creative family...

  11. 26. Under-sink Storage Options

    Bathrooms are notoriously tight on storage. These DIY Network tools and tips will help keep your bathroom organized without sacrificing...

  12. 27. Selecting and Preparing Office Space

    DIY experts offer tips on how to avoid a substandard home office space.

  13. 28. Before and After: Sports Garage Makeover

    DIY Network's Garage Mahal team takes a messy garage from dismal to dazzling.

  14. 29. Turn an Old Six-Pane Window into a Message Board

    DIY Network has instructions on how to upcycle an old six-paned window into a multipurpose message center.

  15. 30. Tips for Putting Together a Garden Workshop

    The experts at DIY Network give some guidelines for the ultimate garden workshop for maintaining a half-acre backyard.