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How to Touch Up Wood Floors

Get step-by-step instructions for removing scratches and scuffs from hardwood flooring.

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Top 100 Maintaining Projects

  1. 1. Keeping a Handle on Your Tools (00:00:22)

    Here's a "handy" tip for maintaining wooden handles on your tools.

  2. 2. How to Make Old Windows More Energy-Efficient shows you how to complete a variety of window maintenance projects, including replacing wooden beads, installing double-...

  3. 3. Maintain a Washer and Dryer

    DIY Network shares tips for maintaining a washer and dryer.

  4. 4. Bench-Grinding Techniques

    A bench grinder is typically used to sharpen cutting tools and shape bevels, but it has other uses as well. Learn about operation, atta...

  5. 5. Window Maintenance Manual (02:01)

    Keep your windows clean and well-maintained with these simple strategies.

  6. 6. Shop Tips

    Handy hints on preventing rust, storing paint and more from the experts at the DIY Network.

  7. 7. How To Maintain a Router

    Routine maintenance is key in keeping a router in peak condition. Follow these steps to keep a router working properly.

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  8. 8. 10 Tips for Maintaining a Wood-Burning Fireplace has tips for keeping your wood-burning fireplace in top shape. It can save money on heating costs and supplement your m...

  9. 9. How to Complete a Furnace Tune-Up

    When it comes to servicing and fine-tuning your furnace, this job should be left to professionals. Here are the steps that might be inc...

  10. 10. Water Heater Maintenance Tips

    DIY Network host Ed Del Grande offers tips on keeping you water heater in tip-top shape.

  11. 11. Tips for Refinishing Wooden Outdoor Furniture

    DIY Network offers tips to help you care for your wooden outdoor furniture and keep it looking its best for years.

  12. 12. Installing a Rain Barrel (00:01:23)

    Jay helps this homeowner install an eco-friendly rain barrel.

  13. 13. How to Inspect Your Home's Interior

    Home maintenance can prevent problems before they begin -- DIY Network tells you what you should regularly check for signs of potenial ...

  14. 14. Tips on Maintaining a Water Heater

    DIY Network host Tim Hockenberry reveals tips for checking, flushing and maintaining a home's water heater.

  15. 15. How to Patch a Wildflower Meadow

    With time, wildflower meadows may become patchy and need to be maintained. Learn how to fill bare spots with this step-by-step gardenin...

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