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How to Operate a One-Man Utility Lift

Host Paul Ryan shows how to use a one-man utility lift. This tool can lift up to 650 pounds up to 15 feet in the air.

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Top 10 Loaders Projects

  1. 1. Bobcat Remote Control System (00:55)

    This RC system for Bobcat loaders lets a driver safely exit the vehicle.

  2. 2. Mini Backhoe TLB-425 (01:19)

    This mini backhoe is a smaller, lighter loader for backyard projects.

  3. 3. Toro Dingo TX 525 (01:29)

    This walk-behind compact utility loader has more than 30 attachments.

  4. 4. Bobcat Toolcat (03:49)

    The Toolcat, Bobcat's ultimate utility work machine, has 40 attachments.

  5. 5. Skid Steer Loader (01:04)

    A skid steer loader is Jason's weapon of choice for grading front yards.

  6. 6. Two-Car Garage (03:24)

    Newlyweds replace their tiny garage and give their backyard a boost.

  7. 7. Jackhammer Attachment (01:11)

    A jackhammer attachment helps a skid steer loader break up concrete.

  8. 8. Mega Machines (20:00)

    Chris Grundy reviews the latest Mega Machines.

  9. 9. Sliding Tool Chest on Wheels (00:01:11)

    A homeowner organizes tools and accessories with an ingenious mobile chest.