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Top 100 Lawns Projects

  1. 46. Stihl Yard Boss (00:01:17)

    See the five tools that come in this one compact package.

  2. 47. Lawn Mowing and Watering Tips

    Here are some basic tips from the lawn experts at DIY Network for taking care of your mower, how to use it and for hydrating your lawn...

  3. 48. Leaf-Blowers

    This DIY guide shows how helpful leaf-blowers can be around the house. From cleaning up driveways, walkways and lawns to mulching leave...

  4. 49. How To Prepare for a Backflow-Prevention Device

    Learn how to prepare for the installation a backflow preventer. This installation is recommended for an experienced master plumber, but...

    Under Half Day
    $50 - $100
    Moderate to Hard
  5. 50. How to Repair a Lawn by Sod Coring or Plugging

    Essentially the lawn version of a hair transplant, this method works well only with spreading grasses such as Bermuda or St. Augustine...

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
  6. 51. Cleanup on Carolina Avenue- 1 (06:17)

    In a neighborhood of gorgeous old homes, one sticks out like a sore thumb.

  7. 52. Preventing Pets From Digging (00:23)

    Take a look at a great way to keep dogs from digging up your garden beds.

  8. 53. Lawn Aerator

    DIY experts explain how tines on a lawn aerator dig plugs of dirt, and allow water and nutrients to get to the root system below.

  9. 54. Dethatch Your Lawn

    Thatch, built-up plant material between green growth and grass roots, is essential, but too much can deter healthy lawn growth. DIY Net...

  10. 55. How to Plant Chamomile

    Chamomile plants can be an attractive scented alternative to grass. Learn how to make it work for your lawn with this step-by-step gard...

  11. 56. Garden Guides (00:00:23)

    Keep the water hose from damaging your plants while watering.

  12. 57. Bull Digger (01:12)

    Check out this post hole digger that makes the job unbelievably easy!

  13. 58. Gravely Rapid M (01:35)

    This powerful tool transforms easily from season to season.

  14. 59. Lawn Maintenance

    DIY Network offers a few tips and tricks to keep your lawn looking great all year round.

  15. 60. Gas Lawn Equipment Safety (02:01)

    Be safe when using gas-powered lawn tools, and get your yard looking great.