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Top 68 Laundry Rooms Projects

  1. 31. Basesment Renovation (03:54)

    Homeowners turn a basement into a family room, guest room and laundry room.

  2. 32. Updating a Laundry Room (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for updating a laundry room.

  3. 33. Blog Cabin 2014: Laundry Room (00:02:58)

    Take a tour of the Blog Cabin 2014 laundry room with host Laurie March.

  4. 34. The Cockrum Job (20:00)

    The laundry room is in the garage with no access from inside the house.

  5. 35. Laundry Station (01:18)

    This space-saving laundry room is packed with features but cost under $200.

  6. 36. Mini Laundry Room (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics on creating a mini laundry room.

  7. 37. Kitchen Crashers at Blog Cabin (00:20:01)

    Alison Victoria gives the Blog Cabin's kitchen "beach elegance."

  8. 38. NYC Show House Laundry Room (00:03:53)

    Stephen Fanuka creates a laundry room that's also an inviting living space.

  9. 39. Citrus-Inspired Laundry Room Packs a Colorful Punch

    Fresh, vibrant tones of citrus fruits create a fresh color scheme for in the laundry room at Blog Cabin 2014. Get energized and bring ...

  10. 40. Creating a Laundry Room Countertop

    This DIY Basic will provide tips on creating a laundry room countertop.

  11. 41. Garage Metal-Sculpture Studio (00:03:52)

    An artistic couple turns their garage into a studio for metal sculpting.

  12. 42. Laundry Room Tour From Blog Cabin 2014

    This full-sized laundry room is as stylish as it is functional, complete with a citrus-inspired color scheme, high-end appliances and s...

  13. 43. Laundry Room and Shared Bath (03:47)

    Upstair, the laundry room and kids' bathroom receive much-needed attention.

  14. 44. Suds n' Soap (20:00)

    Morphing an old utility room into a beer factory and a laundry room.

  15. 45. Romantic Firelit Bathroom (00:03:02)

    A see-through fireplace adds warmth and romance to a once-dark 1980s bath.