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Top 71 Laundry Rooms Projects

  1. 16. How to Install Laundry Room Shelves

    You don't have to sacrifice style for storage space in the laundry area. This birch shelving will add both beauty and function to the r...

    $50 - $100
  2. 17. Laundry Room Tour From Blog Cabin 2014

    This full-sized laundry room is as stylish as it is functional, complete with a citrus-inspired color scheme, high-end appliances and s...

  3. 18. Bathroom From Scratch (03:03)

    Matt creates a bathroom out of a basement laundry room.

  4. 19. Laundry Room Storage Ideas provides tips on how to maximize space in the laundry room.

  5. 20. Suds n' Soap (20:00)

    An old utility room is morphed into a beer factory and a laundry room.

  6. 21. Laundry Room Organization Tips (00:01:00)

    An organized laundry room is a breeze with these simple DIY quick tips.

  7. 22. How to Create a Laundry Nook

    The DIY to the Rescue crew shows how to hide a washer and dryer behind a partition and door.

    Two Days
    $100 - $250
    Moderate to Hard
  8. 23. Warmed-Up Basement Bathroom (00:02:49)

    Heated flooring warms up a formerly damp basement bathroom /l aundry room.

  9. 24. Wallpaper and Fabric Softener (00:00:22)

    To strip wallpaper from the walls, look no further than your laundry room.

  10. 25. How to Accessorize a Laundry Room

    DIY experts add some items to a laundry room that serve as decorative focal points and functional accessories.

  11. 26. Laundry Room Makeover (00:01:00)

    This DIY Basic provides tips for transforming your old laundry room.

  12. 27. Laundry Room (20:00)

    Kevin and Nicole want to turn an odd bedroom into a mud and laundry room.

  13. 28. Laundry Station (01:18)

    This space-saving laundry room is packed with features but cost under $200.

  14. 29. Kitchen Crashers at Blog Cabin (00:20:01)

    Alison Victoria gives the Blog Cabin's kitchen "beach elegance."

  15. 30. Smart Laundry Room Design (01:00)

    Get the most from your laundry room with these planning tips.