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Top 100 Landscaping Projects

  1. 61. Second Winners' Transformation (01:32)

    The second winners of America's Most Desperate get a two-day yard redo.

  2. 62. Concrete Pathway (01:30)

    Jason shares tips on creating a concrete pathway.

  3. 63. From the Front to the Back (20:01)

    Gino's crew landscapes the entire yard for this homeowner's dream home.

  4. 64. America's Most Desperate Landscape 2014: Before Pictures

    DIY Network needs your help designing a desolate backyard. Plus, enter to win $50,000.

  5. 65. Creating a Grass-Free Zone (00:04:13)

    Sara creates a grass-free oasis for a homeowner suffering from allergies.

  6. 66. How to Build Tiered Garden Walls

    Learn how to create a stone garden feature in the style of traditional country farm walls.

    Several Weekends
    $2,500 - $5,000
  7. 67. How to Install Sod

    The lawn care experts at DIY Network share their best tips for laying sod in your yard.

  8. 68. Redo-It-Yourself Swimming Pool (01:19)

    Pool past its prime? Here's what you should know to bring it back to life.

  9. 69. High-Rise Landscaping (20:01)

    Gino tackles a challenging outdoor space: a high-rise terrace in Manhattan.

  10. 70. Dutch Colonial Facelift (03:57)

    This Dutch colonial's redo includes new shutters, columns and front steps.

  11. 71. Affordable Backyard Luxuries (00:01:00)

    Any of these backyard luxuries can be had for less than a thousand dollars.

  12. 72. Capstones (01:21)

    Jason shows how to make capstones fit perfectly on top of a retaining wall.

  13. 73. Great Things Take Time (03:52)

    Gino landscapes his own yard -- if his brother Ralph keeps out of the way.

  14. 74. Building a Tree Fort (08:00)

    Go behind the scenes as Carter and the crew begin to construct a tree fort.

  15. 75. Magnificent Interlocking Wall (04:30)

    Build a stone retaining wall with an interlocking concrete-block system.

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