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Top 100 Kitchens Projects

  1. 91. Creating a Kitchen Island (00:01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for Creating a Kitchen Island.

  2. 92. Engaged in a Kitchen Makeover (04:01)

    A couple finds themselves engaged in a larger kitchen redo than expected.

  3. 93. Toe-to-Toe Kitchen Remodel (00:04:00)

    Differing work styles make this kitchen remodel a day-after-day struggle.

  4. 94. Granite Kitchen Countertop Tips

    Granite countertops are a good way to modernize a kitchen. DIY experts give tips on granite countertops.

  5. 95. A Sensual Design for the Serious Cook

    Function is first, beauty a close second in this lavish pro-style kitchen, created with the cook in mind by designer Michael Schwartz.

  6. 96. Updating Your Kitchen for Pro-Style Equipment

    While most prosumer kitchen appliances don't require restaurant-level power sources and ventilation, DIY Network experts say you may ne...

  7. 97. Discover the Latest Kitchen Color Trends

    DIY Network shares expert advice on what's new, what's hot and what's not in kitchen colors.

  8. 98. DIY/Kitchen Renovations (00:30)

    Watch Kitchen Renovations, Tuesdays at 4pm/3c.

  9. 99. Custom Cabinets- Part 1 (07:51)

    Reggie and Victoria purchased a fixer-upper home for a steal!

  10. 100. Help for the Kitchen Organizer

    DIY Network suggests clever storage products that'll make organizing your kitchen a whole lot easier.

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