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Top 100 Kitchen Remodeling Projects

  1. 61. Green Kitchen (20:00)

    It was love at first sight when Nora Passe found her 1926 Bungalow.

  2. 62. 10 Killer Kitchen Makeovers (20:01)

    Here are the kitchens viewers voted as this year's best kitchen makeover.

  3. 63. Adding Stone to a Kitchen (00:01:00)

    Adding stone is one of the easiest ways to make a kitchen look high end.

  4. 64. Totally Tattooed Kitchen (00:03:00)

    A kitchen makeover inspired by tattoos resulted in a one-of-a-kind space.

  5. 65. Quick and Easy Kitchen Floors (00:01:00)

    Using one of these materials can make your flooring project easier.

  6. 66. Damaged Kitchen Remodel (00:03:56)

    A parrot-damaged kitchen is resurrected into a magazine-worthy model.

  7. 67. A Chef's Dream Comes True (00:02:51)

    John brings users' kitchen redesign choices to life.

  8. 68. Country Cottage Kitchen Door (02:08)

    See how easy it is to redesign a door with paint and beadboard paneling.

  9. 69. Cabinet Facelift (03:06)

    We show a multi-step process for glazing dark pine kitchen cabinets.

  10. 70. Outdoors-In Kitchen (20:00)

    A dated kitchen is transformed into a trendy and functional space.

  11. 71. 5 Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

    DIY Network explains the most effective way to make a kitchen "bigger" without adding square footage.

  12. 72. Kitchen Crashers on Blog Cabin (00:02:00)

    Chris Grundy and Allison Victoria: highlights of the 2013 Blog Cabin in NC.

  13. 73. Rehabbing a 1916 Kitchen (00:02:50)

    Rehabbing the kitchen in a 1916 house requires attention to period detail.

  14. 74. Hardwood for Your Kitchen (00:01:00)

    Think you can't put hardwood in your kitchen? Think again. Learn why here.

  15. 75. Laminate Countertops (01:00)

    New countertops can dramatically improve the look of an older kitchen.

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