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Top 100 How To Kitchens Projects

  1. 91. Classic Kitchen Reclaimed

    Outdated kitchens can hurt the value and appeal of your home. Learn how to reclaim your kitchen with these easy remodeling projects.

    Easy to Moderate
  2. 92. Outback Food Tips (03:56)

    Weekend Entertaining throws a party with Australian food.

  3. 93. How to Install Crown Molding in a Kitchen

    Crown molding is a great and simple way to improve the look of a room. Learn how to install crown molding in a kitchen.

    $500 - $1,000
  4. 94. Harlem YMCA Kitchen Project (00:03:12)

    Stephen and chef Marcus Samuelsson create a new kitchen for a Harlem YMCA.

  5. 95. Dangerous in the Dark (20:00)

    Eric and Jacquie have lived with their hazardous kitchen for five years.

  6. 96. Kitchen Cabinet Care (02:01)

    Simple steps to make sure your cabinets continue to look their best.

  7. 97. A Surprise for Mom (20:00)

    Carter presents "Mom" with a custom island and a new fridge.

  8. 98. Space-Saving Storage Ideas (00:01:00)

    Here are some ways to increase and maximize the space in your kitchen.

  9. 99. Urban Entertainer's Kitchen (00:20:00)

    Hip homeowners get a funky stylish kitchen redo.

  10. 100. Cabinet Handles (01:31)

    Nancy Golden does kitchen cabinet makeovers just by changing the handles.

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