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Top 100 How To Kitchens Projects

  1. 76. Organize a Kitchen Office

    Learn how to conquer clutter with an organized kitchen office.

  2. 77. Faucet Installation Basics (09:02)

    Find out how to repair or install a new faucet in the bathroom or kitchen.

  3. 78. Metallic and Slate Backsplash (03:13)

    Learn how to install a metal tile vent surround and a slate backsplash.

  4. 79. Metal Barn Wood Kitchen (20:01)

    House Crashers takes on Atlanta and remodels a 1930s kitchen!

  5. 80. IKEA: Patrick and Melissa (00:01:44)

    IKEA presents Patrick and Melissa sharing their Kitchen Crash experience.

  6. 81. How to Install a Copper Windowsill

    Spruce up the look of a kitchen by installing a copper windowsill.

  7. 82. Kansas 'Worst Kitchen' Video (00:02:56)

    Kansas City, Kansas offers a kitchen video for WKIA voter's consideration.

  8. 83. Metal Stud Wall Framing Tips (03:49)

    Paul Ryan and the homeowner demolish one wall and put up another one.

  9. 84. Kitchen Cabinet Tune-Up (01:58)

    Make easy adjustments to re-align sagging cabinet doors.

  10. 85. Storage Basket Trio (00:52)

    Add a dash of color with spray paint and natural woven pantry baskets.

  11. 86. How to Install a Hood in a Kitchen

    A vent hood is installed in a kitchen for a professional-style cooktop. Learn how to install your own with these step-by-step direction...

    $500 - $1,000
    Moderate to Hard
  12. 87. Single Girl Double Duty (20:00)

    Marc and team turn a shell of a kitchen into a stunning space.

  13. 88. From Shaggy to Chic (20:00)

    Shag carpet is replaced by elegant tile to go from shaggy to chic.

  14. 89. Therapeutic Bathtub Trends (00:02:38)

    Your bathing experience is trending toward air jets and spa therapeutics.

  15. 90. A Kitchen Fix for Foodies (00:03:59)

    Self-proclaimed foodies want a kitchen to match their appetite for cooking.