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How To Bathrooms

Top 100 How To Bathrooms Projects

  1. 91. Walnut Bathroom Countertops (00:01:00)

    Hardwood is used to warm a bathroom by adding a sealed walnut countertop.

  2. 92. Contemporary Bath (02:37)

    A tired '80s bathroom gets some 21st-century updates.

  3. 93. Contemporary Bath Fixtures (03:46)

    Shop a bathroom showroom for the latest styles and looks.

  4. 94. Elegant Lap-of-Luxury Bathroom (00:02:53)

    Every modern luxury material imaginable has been used in this elegant bath.

  5. 95. Creative BATHtastic! Spaces

    BATHtastic! host Matt Muenster shows off some creative ways to fill those niche spaces in the bathroom. Browse the photo gallery from D...

  6. 96. Updating a Vanity

    This DIY Basic will provide tips on updating a vanity.

  7. 97. Bathroom/Laundry Room Makeover (03:54)

    Amy aids homeowners whose master bath and laundry room are in dire need.

  8. 98. Dreamy Master Spa Retreat (00:03:31)

    Rob designs a luxury master spa retreat to replace the existing disaster.

  9. 99. Add-A-Bath Part 4 (03:21)

    Completing a basement with the addition of a bathroom.

  10. 100. Towel Warmers: An Affordable Luxury

    Towel warmers come in a variety of styles and technologies to choose from. DIY Network shares information concerning this affordable lu...

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