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How To Bathrooms

Top 100 How To Bathrooms Projects

  1. 16. Arts-and-Crafts Bathroom Pt 3 (04:02)

    The main floor retains its original charm with built-ins and woodwork.

  2. 17. Mirror, Mirror (20:01)

    Matt ditches the mirrors and guts the rest of the space.

  3. 18. Family Bathroom - Part 1 (06:36)

    The family bathroom is showing some wear and tear.

  4. 19. High-Tech, High-End Bathroom (00:03:42)

    High-tech features and high-end materials create a smart, stylish bathroom.

  5. 20. How to Build a Floating Bathroom Vanity

    Host Amy Matthews shows how to create a beautiful storage solution by building a custom floating vanity in a bathroom.

    $500 - $1,000
    Moderate to Hard
  6. 21. Bathroom Color Tips

    DIY Network shares quick bathroom color tips from interior designers.

  7. 22. How to Build a Small Side Table

    DIY Network has step-by-step instructions on how to build a small side table for the bathroom.

  8. 23. Farmhouse Bath Redo (00:03:48)

    One couple's small farmhouse bathroom goes from wallpapered to wonderful.

  9. 24. 'New School' Tower Shower Spa (00:03:18)

    Matt brings this 'old school' bathroom up to date with a tower shower spa.

  10. 25. Updated Dormered Bath (00:03:48)

    A cramped dormered bath in a vintage home gets enlarged and updated.

  11. 26. Arts-and-Crafts Bathroom Pt 4 (04:13)

    The main floor retains its original charm with built-ins and woodwork.

  12. 27. Something from Nothing (20:00)

    John and Marcy's Victorian is a beautiful home, with a horrendous bathroom.

  13. 28. Bachelor Bar Bath (20:00)

    A bachelor's master bath is turned into the ultimate guy's paradise.

  14. 29. Super-Sized Spa- Part 1 (20:01)

    Transforming a tiny, water-damaged bathroom into a super-sized spa.

  15. 30. Build a Bathroom Storage Unit (00:01:00)

    Matt Muenster shows how to install valuable built-in bathroom storage.