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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 91. Glorious Glamorous Garlands (01:23)

    Garnish your holiday home by easily creating uniquely glamorous garlands.

  2. 92. Stylish Silver-Leafed Armoire (04:08)

    Silver- leafing gives furniture an expensive old world look.

  3. 93. The Cooper Job (20:00)

    Lauren moved into a new house, and she's already making the place her own.

  4. 94. How Far Will a Gallon Go? (00:00:23)

    Use this formula to determine how much wall you can cover when painting.

  5. 95. Keeping a Handle on Your Tools (00:00:22)

    Here's a "handy" tip for maintaining wooden handles on your tools.

  6. 96. Preplan For Stress-Free Moving (02:01)

    Get valuable tips that will help you take the stress out of moving day.

  7. 97. Smart House System (02:24)

    Using Smart House technology, home dwellers can manage energy usage.

  8. 98. Flexible Plumbing System (01:31)

    See how PEX plumbing systems save time, money and hot water usage.

  9. 99. Krazy Glue (00:03:19)

    Go into the Krazy Glue factory to learn about this popular adhesive.

  10. 100. Food Safety (01:25)

    Tips on keeping outdoor food fresh during patio season.

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