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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 91. Get a Grip on Tools (00:00:21)

    Get a firm hold on your home improvement game with this handy tip.

  2. 92. Decorate Ornaments (03:50)

    Turn ordinary ornaments into glittery masterpieces.

  3. 93. Solid Surface Countertops (03:55)

    Everything you need to know about solid surface countertops.

  4. 94. Energy-Efficient Living Room (04:28)

    Tour the living area of the Best Built Home.

  5. 95. Converting Crops into Cleaners (02:27)

    You will be surprised that corn can actually help you clean.

  6. 96. Organized Home Office (04:43)

    Find out how to get your own office (and mind) into shape.

  7. 97. Black & Decker PaintStick (00:51)

    Get your next painting project rolling with this paint roller system.

  8. 98. Hand-Painted Silk Scarf (04:57)

    A hand-painted silk scarf is a stylish addition to any taste or outfit.

  9. 99. Halloween Mosaic Page (05:14)

    Cut up photos, stickers and images to create mosaic page elements.

  10. 100. Chalkboard Wall (02:26)

    How to paint an easy chalkboard wall that'll fuel any child's imagination.

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