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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 91. A Blogged Cabin (00:01:20)

    Check out the mishaps and challenges that developed during construction.

  2. 92. A Paver Walkway on a Slope (02:58)

    A house built on a slope is in serious need of professional help.

  3. 93. Scrap Art (05:42)

    Paper scraps are all you need to create a balanced layout with nice detail.

  4. 94. Sports Gear Storage (01:00)

    Keep your sports gear organized with this innovative storage system.

  5. 95. Fancy Hand Painted Plates (04:40)

    Hand-paint your plain Jane plates with bright and fun enamel paint.

  6. 96. Caulking Like a Pro (02:36)

    Learn a simple trick to get a professional bead of caulk every time.

  7. 97. Better Baby Pictures (04:18)

    Make your child's memory pages glow with these tips for great baby photos.

  8. 98. Tea Technique (00:46)

    Create the popular shabby chic look by using tea and tea staining fabric.

  9. 99. Drywall Patches (00:02:56)

    Got holes and torn drywall? Here's how to fix those messes.

  10. 100. Wallpaper Removal (00:02:24)

    Here are the most effective ways to strip old wallpaper from walls.

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