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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 76. Easy Pedestal Sink Update (01:16)

    Update your bathroom by installing a new pedestal sink.

  2. 77. Outside the Box (20:00)

    Marc helps knock down a wall to open up more space in a row house.

  3. 78. DIY Heart Tree (03:33)

    Get directions for making Carol Duvall's Valentine's Heart Tree.

  4. 79. Converting Crops into Cleaners (02:27)

    You will be surprised that corn can actually help you clean.

  5. 80. Bath Lighting and Flooring (03:55)

    Learn how to select the best lighting and flooring for your bathroom.

  6. 81. Bull Digger (01:12)

    Check out this post hole digger that makes the job unbelievably easy!

  7. 82. 3-D Vacation Page (04:05)

    With multiple layers of photographs, create sensational 3-D vacation pages.

  8. 83. High Tech Air Quality Systems (03:35)

    Look at a few high tech products for improving indoor air quality.

  9. 84. Greenhouse Kit (04:22)

    Build a greenhouse in your own backyard with only this kit and a hammer.

  10. 85. Air Sealing a Home (04:13)

    This simple strategy will reduce drafts and lower your utility bill.

  11. 86. Edible Gifts (04:43)

    Food Gift ideas from At Home for the Holidays.

  12. 87. Potato Latkes (04:42)

    Watch how Judy Zeidler makes her holiday entertaining tradition: potato latkes.

  13. 88. Replacing Gutters (02:40)

    Josh gives tips on replacing damaged gutters and downspouts.

  14. 89. Kitchen Chaos Tips (01:44)

    A DIY to the Rescue look at a house that was stripped down to remove mold.

  15. 90. Under-Cabinet Task Lighting (03:44)

    Find out how to install task lights under kitchen cabinets.