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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 76. Bath Lighting and Flooring (03:55)

    Learn how to select the best lighting and flooring for your bathroom.

  2. 77. Vintage-Look Wedding Page (04:36)

    Create a vintage wedding page that uses pleated paper as ribbon.

  3. 78. Energy Dashboard (01:43)

    This monitor helps teach a home's occupants about their energy use.

  4. 79. Door Replacement (02:46)

  5. 80. Arts and Crafts Kitchen (20:00)

    Paul Ryan is in the house, and in the kitchen to help move things along.

  6. 81. Seal and Protect Your Driveway (02:05)

    Take the time to properly seal and protect your driveway.

  7. 82. Preparing Your Home for Winter (00:01:00)

    Protect your home from Old Man Winter with these quick and easy fixes.

  8. 83. Grill Gauge (01:03)

    Add a great gadget to your gas grill to monitor propane levels and leaks.

  9. 84. House Out of Hiding (03:54)

    Joel and Lynn's house is no longer hidden by huge shrubs and an ugly porch.

  10. 85. Gift Bag Ideas (02:57)

    Simple directions for creating a decorative gift bag with fabric handles.

  11. 86. PV Louvers (02:21)

    Solar panels are incorporated into louvers on this house's exterior facade.

  12. 87. The Cooper Job (20:00)

    Lauren moved into a new house, and she's already making the place her own.

  13. 88. House of Unfinished Projects (20:00)

    Find out how a bunch of used stuff can be given new life.

  14. 89. The Best Way to Shorten a Bolt (00:00:23)

    Before you go nuts, try this simple technique for shortening bolts.

  15. 90. Painting Prep (02:00)

    Everything you need to know about prepping for a paint job, from DIY Kits.