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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 61. Hydraulic Haul (20:00)

    Obstacles force this house to be raised, lowered and tilted to be moved.

  2. 62. Heating, Cooling and Fixtures (20:00)

    Buying bathroom fixtures and a kitchen countertop causes family friction.

  3. 63. Old House, New Cabin - Part 1 (06:42)

    Kevin & Roger from This Old House stop by to see the new Blog Cabin.

  4. 64. Clayton I-House (04:04)

    Kevin visits the i-House, low-cost, high-tech housing from Clayton Homes.

  5. 65. Selecting The Proper Paint (02:01)

    For your painting project, review the various types of paints and brushes.

  6. 66. Montgomery Pitch Degree Level (00:01:16)

    Check for level and plumb and now degree and pitch with this new level.

  7. 67. A Cabin Created by Bloggers (00:00:45)

    You designed it, and we built it the way you wanted it. Now check it out!

  8. 68. Plumbing 101 (02:00)

    A home plumbing lesson from Brad Staggs & guest Anthony Fleming of Ask DIY.

  9. 69. Stitching with Beads (04:52)

    Add a decorative twist to your stitch with lace patterns and beads.

  10. 70. Surebonder Cordless Stapler (00:00:44)

    This staple gun outpowers its electric and cordless counterparts.

  11. 71. Cool Pet Collars (04:14)

    Every cat or dog needs a designer collar. Learn how to make it yourself.

  12. 72. Easter Baskets (03:26)

    See how to make metallic Easter baskets and copperleaf eggs.

  13. 73. Fuzz Free Painting (00:23)

    To keep loose roller lint from getting on your walls, try this tip.

  14. 74. Ultra-Hip Stainless Sink (01:36)

    Jazz up your kitchen with a new stainless sink and ultra-hip faucet.

  15. 75. Sweet Potato Dish (01:41)

    A sweet potato dish that is an alternative to Sweet Potato Casserole.