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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 46. Green Backyard (20:00)

    John and Jessica found a house that needed the works. The backyard is next.

  2. 47. Wedding Pages (04:50)

    Our scrapbooking designer creates textured wedding scrapbook pages.

  3. 48. Books Become Wall Art (02:50)

    Using origami techniques turn old books into awesome art.

  4. 49. Mediterranean Curtains (01:58)

    Sew your own curtains for a great Mediterranean look in your bathroom.

  5. 50. How to Caulk in Awkward Places (00:00:23)

    Check out this easy solution for applying caulk in hard-to-reach places.

  6. 51. Natural Gas Appliance Primer (04:06)

    Here are the pros and cons of natural gas appliances.

  7. 52. Simple Gifts (04:53)

    Simple gift-giving ideas from Holiday Decorating and Crafts.

  8. 53. Contemporary Kitchen Makeover (04:14)

    Tour a kitchen renovation with a streamlined layout and modern design.

  9. 54. Footer and Foundation Building

    DIY's Home IQ series follows the Oberg family during the decision-making process of building this beautiful new home. Follow the family...

  10. 55. Handstitched Albums (06:27)

    This album has creative detail with a handstiched ribbon binding..

  11. 56. Fabulous Footstools (04:56)

    Carol Duvall shows you an easy way to create beautiful footstools.

  12. 57. Habitat Kitchen Floor (04:17)

    Vinyl flooring can often be left beneath newly installed laminate floors.

  13. 58. Atticraft (00:00:57)

    Move your storage overhead with this flooring system - no tools required!

  14. 59. Eliminating Stains & Odors (02:01)

    Keep your home fresh by eliminating the stains and odors that can build up.

  15. 60. Watts Flood Saver (00:01:13)

    Check out this valve that stops the flow of water when there's a leak.