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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 1. Pipe Insulating (01:44)

    Avoid extreme-weather problems by cleaning and insulating your pipes.

  2. 2. NAR: Energy-Efficient Windows (01:03)

    Here are the DIY basics for creating energy-efficient windows.

  3. 3. Concrete Pour (20:00)

    The day of the concrete pour is the most expensive day of the home remodel.

  4. 4. Shut-Off Valve 101 (04:37)

    Ask DIY shows how a shut-off valve can protect plumbing pipes in cold weather.

  5. 5. Begin Construction (20:00)

    The Rush family finally gets to see their dream house begin to take shape.

  6. 6. 1960 Kitchen Gets an Update (04:56)

    A kitchen begins its modern transformation with a great design plan.

  7. 7. Laundering Linens (04:07)

    Everything you need to know about laundering bed linens.

  8. 8. Smart House System (02:24)

    Using Smart House technology, home dwellers can manage energy usage.

  9. 9. Unexpected Costs (20:00)

    Faced with a major hit to their budget, the contractor and Geno lock horns.

  10. 10. Rustic Christmas (01:13)

    Interior Designer Bea Pila shows us Rustic Country holiday decor.

  11. 11. Festive Non-Alcoholic Drinks (04:50)

    Serve your party guests these fabulous holiday drinks without spirits.

  12. 12. Easy Faux Parquet Floor (04:23)

    Warm up your kitchen with a new faux wood floor.

  13. 13. Home IQ Drywall (03:05)

    Home IQ explores the latest trends and improvements in drywall.

  14. 14. DIY Contractor 101 (04:50)

    Everything you need to know about being your own contractor.

  15. 15. Custom Mission-Style Vanity (04:50)

    Find out how to install a vanity, upper cabinets and a slate countertop.

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