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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 1. Where's the House? (20:01)

    Joel and Lynn's house is hidden by huge shrubs and an ugly porch.

  2. 2. Desperate in Denver (20:01)

    A vast house has some big problems with drainage and desperation.

  3. 3. Kitchen Impossible Top 10 (20:00)

    Marc Bartolomeo counts down the top ten ways to create a killer kitchen.

  4. 4. Werner Televator (01:02)

    Check out a ladder designed for homes with minimal space into their attics.

  5. 5. Operation Flying Raccoon (03:06)

    Josh uses a football and air cannons to simulate an attic animal invasion.

  6. 6. Building Elegant Box Beams (02:39)

    Dress up a plain ceiling by adding decorative box beams.

  7. 7. Bathroom Sink Removal (00:01:45)

    Check out the tricks to taking out a vanity sink from your countertop.

  8. 8. Bachelor Pad- Part 2 (04:05)

    With help from Amy Wynn Pastor, new homeowner Alan takes on renovations.

  9. 9. Creating a Quality Roof (01:32)

    Learn the best practices that make this roof top quality.

  10. 10. Indoor/Outdoor Lounge (20:00)

    An ugly covered patio is rebuilt into an ultimate indoor outdoor lounge.

  11. 11. Box Before You Paint (01:30)

    For uniform paint color, mix several cans together before you paint.

  12. 12. The William Shatner Project

    DIY Network shows you how William Shatner and his wife Liz are redesigning their beautiful Studio City, Calif. home to reflect Mediterr...

  13. 13. Little Giant Ultra Step (01:12)

    Here's a unique ladder designed with safety and versatility in mind.

  14. 14. Blog Cabin Fever - Time Lapsed (00:00:23)

    Take a look behind the scenes as the walls of the cabin go up.

  15. 15. Skirting the Issue (00:00:21)

    Use these decorating tips to deck the halls for the holidays.

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