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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 1. The Crawler (01:56)

    This little motor makes fold-up scaffolding go mobile!

  2. 2. French Country Bath (20:00)

    John and Nicole desire old world charm and rustic class for their bathroom.

  3. 3. Spice-Scented Kitchen Pad (00:44)

    Kitchen aroma makes your routine dishwashing a more pleasant experience.

  4. 4. Exterior Faucets and Plumbing (00:24)

    Get ready for winter weather by turning off your outside water spigots.

  5. 5. Orbiter Drill Attachment (01:01)

    This attachment eliminates the need for a pricey right angle drill.

  6. 6. High Tech Air Quality Systems (03:35)

    Look at a few high tech products for improving indoor air quality.

  7. 7. Kitchen Rescue (01:33)

    Great ideas & planning tips for keeping kitchen renovations on schedule.

  8. 8. Sherpa Wind-Up Flashlight (00:55)

    Just what is needed when the lights go out: a battery-free light.

  9. 9. Kitchen Makeover (02:46)

    Transform a 1950s American kitchen into a classic European cafe.

  10. 10. Delta Universal Saw Stand (01:08)

    Check out this transportable transformer for a miter saw or planer.

  11. 11. Smashed and Shattered (20:00)

    Medieval warriors take aim at the Disaster House.

  12. 12. Choosing Door Lock (02:24)

    Expert Brad Staggs shares home safety & buying tips for door locks.

  13. 13. How to Air Seal a Home (00:01:00)

    Identify and air seal areas that may let outside air into your home.

  14. 14. From Faux to Flashy (03:26)

    Samantha's house had to be redone, but the kitchen's where she needs help.

  15. 15. Wood Stain Remover (03:16)

    Easy home remedies for making homemade wood stain fighters.

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