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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 1. Heitfeld's House of Horrors (20:00)

    Jason transforms Kevin and Kay's weedy yard from worst to first.

  2. 2. Chocolate Bonbon Cakes (02:05)

    End your next party on a sweet note with chocolate bon-bon cakes.

  3. 3. Microwave Hood Installation (03:33)

    Watch the pros install a new microwave vent hood.

  4. 4. Garden Containers (04:10)

    We fill a garden trouble spot with potted plants for shade and sun.

  5. 5. Criss-Cross Cables (02:15)

    Vickie Howell demystifies the cable stitch pattern.

  6. 6. Paint Your Suitcase (02:10)

    Imaginatively re-create your warn out luggage using plain old house paint.

  7. 7. Frame Place Cards (00:02:19)

    Get crafty with your guest using a Thanksgiving place card frame project.

  8. 8. Building a Green Doghouse (01:00)

    This doghouse is built on the same green principles as a human home.

  9. 9. First House- Part 3 (03:48)

    A galley style kitchen is updated to make it more functional & attractive.

  10. 10. Fire-Safe Plants (03:36)

    For wildfires, learn which plants offer the greatest fire resistance.

  11. 11. Where's the House? (20:01)

    Joel and Lynn's house is hidden by huge shrubs and an ugly porch.

  12. 12. Family Kitchen Facelift (03:27)

    Our "crazy guy in a hardware store" helps Jim and Chris have a new kitchen.

  13. 13. House Crashers Q409 promo (00:30)

    House Crashers Q4 09 off-channel :30 promo

  14. 14. Energy Efficiency (01:20)

    Matt Blashaw looks at ways to save energy and money around the house.

  15. 15. Kwanzaa Decorating (03:23)

    Experience the tradition and spirit behind Kwanzaa's festive decorations.

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