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Top 100 Houses Projects

  1. 1. House Foundations

    The contractors from DIY's Be Your Own Contractor talk about their various approaches to house foundations, including some relatively n...

  2. 2. Sports Page Ideas (04:43)

    Create a sports-in-motion page by combining rubberstamps and chalking.

  3. 3. Cubist Match Holder (01:15)

    Our designer creates an ingenious cubist design for storing matches.

  4. 4. Repotting a Plant (01:00)

    Watch your plants flourish by using these potting tips and tricks.

  5. 5. Outdoor Cleanup (03:21)

    The Queen of Clean talks about sprucing up outdoor furniture.

  6. 6. Moveable Scrapbooking Pages (02:40)

    Check out this moveable winter-themed page created with eyelets.

  7. 7. Natural Christmas (03:14)

    Decorate your tree au natural this holiday, with fruits and greenery.

  8. 8. DIY Dressing Table (03:45)

    Directions on how to make a dressing table from DIY's Nancy Golden.

  9. 9. The William Shatner Project

    DIY Network shows you how William Shatner and his wife Liz are redesigning their beautiful Studio City, Calif. home to reflect Mediterr...

  10. 10. Smashed and Shattered (20:00)

    Medieval warriors take aim at the Disaster House.

  11. 11. Range Hood Installation (02:57)

    Get tips and hints for installing a new vent hood.

  12. 12. Haulin' House Weds 10pm ET (00:30)

    Watch Haulin' House, Wednesday nights at 10/9c.

  13. 13. DIY Hostess Gifts (04:22)

    Make bath sachets and bouquets, perfect post-party gifts for a hostess.

  14. 14. Styrofoam Hats (04:38)

    Learn how to make stylishly silly mini hats from Styrofoam coffee cups.

  15. 15. Easy Glass Bottle Pendant (01:24)

    Perfect for love potions, design your own tiny glass bottle pendants.

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