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Top 78 Heating And Cooling Projects

  1. 1. Updating Your Kitchen for Pro-Style Equipment

    While most prosumer kitchen appliances don't require restaurant-level power sources and ventilation, DIY Network experts say you may ne...

  2. 2. Heating and Cooling (20:00)

    See the latest technologies for efficiently heating and cooling your home.

  3. 3. Heat Exchanger and Decking (01:26)

    Here's a look at an air-to-air heat exchanger and Accoya decking material.

  4. 4. Tips on Energy Proofing a Home

    DIY Network's smart-money expert shows you how simple changes can cut utility bills in half.

  5. 5. Insulation Basics

    DIY Network shares information regarding insulation in your home.

  6. 6. How To Install Radiant Heat Flooring Mats

    Radiant heat flooring mats are an easy way to install floor heating in custom spaces. Here's how to do it.

    $500 - $1,000
    Moderate to Hard
  7. 7. Tips on Saving Energy and Money

    DIY Network shares some tips for saving energy and avoiding costly heating bills.

  8. 8. Bathroom Fan/Vent and Light Installation

    DIY host Amy Matthews helps homeowners install a new bathroom fan.

    $50 - $100
    Moderate to Hard
  9. 9. How to Seal an Attic Duct

    Securing existing ductwork in the attic will help with eliminating dust in a house. Learn how to repair a leaking duct and seal it for ...

    2 hours
    $1 - $50
  10. 10. In-Floor Heating (01:00)

    There'll be no more cold feet when you install affordable in-floor heating.

  11. 11. HVAC: Home Tips

    DIY Network offers maintenance tips that will help homeowners keep their air conditioning units running efficiently.

  12. 12. Insulation and Air Quality: ERV

    DIY Network shares information about an energy recovery ventilator.

  13. 13. Geothermal System (02:16)

    This house uses geothermal mass to store heat energy in heating & cooling.

  14. 14. Solar Power: The Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    DIY Network experts answer frequently asked-about topics and additional information on solar power.

  15. 15. How to Replace Ductwork and Install a Return Vent

    This homeowner's sink is leaking onto air ducts causing a nasty smell every time the air conditioning is turned on. Learn how to replac...

    $100 - $250
    Moderate to Hard
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